AMD Are Back, Baby!

AMD Are Back, Baby!

Back when I was coming up, unless you were wealthy you used an AMD Athlon as your CPU – if you were smart, you plugged it into a motherboard with an nVidia chipset.  There was something about this combination that produced significant gaming performance.  Add to the package a mid-range video card and you had a gaming rig that made your AMD friends jealous and your Team Intel friends sick knowing they spent more money than you.

Well, AMD have returned to the fold with the Ryzen 7 series of chips.  And, man, bang for buck, they’re monsters!

For example, a Ryzen R7 1800X with 16GB of DDR4 with an AM4 motherboard, and an nVidia Titan X (12GB) was able to beat a Intel i7-6900k system by 9% in Cinebench.  Both systems were using the same RAM, GPU, and storage – obviously the motherboard was different – the Intel system was based on a Asus Strix X99.

The Ryzen retails in Australia for $699, while the i7 is an eye-watering $1449.

Things are even more amazing at lower-price points.

The entry-level Ryzen R7 1700 went up against (retailing at $469) went up against Intel’s i7-7700k (which retails at $489) and which it also beat by 10%.  The mid-price Ryzen R7 1800 (without the X – retailing at $569) went against the Intel i7-6900k (retailing at $599) and beat it by 39%!

If I were Intel, I’d be worried – and looking to cut prices immediately.  If I were a system builder, I’d be thrilled – Moore’s law beating competition could be back…